Page of Perks – why you should buy a Wā Cup


We get it; making the move from disposable products to a Wā Cup can be a big step.  But you know what? Stressing about your period is a bloody waste of time – no womb for that round here – so here are a few brilliant reasons to make the switch!

What’s more, every cup sold subsidises the cost for a students’ to just $15, stopping period poverty from affecting education in Aotearoa.

Firstly, what is a Wā Cup?

A Wā Cup is a small reusable medical grade silicone menstrual cup which is worn internally. It works by collecting your menses (menstrual fluid) rather than absorbing it and can be emptied as little as every 12 hours depending on your flow. Wā Cups fold to the size of a tampon for insertion, then pop open inside your vagina/honey box/vajayjay [insert favourite vag. word here] to collect your flow.

Wā Cups are especially chosen because they are gold standard. Yeah, that’s right, Wā Cups are the best. They are ethically made, zero waste in production perfection. Being FDA registered and ISO approved they will last for up to 10 years too.
Wā Cups are soft enough for easy insertion and firm enough to pop open easily once inserted – ready for action! 

The perks

Up your para kore (zero waste) game with a Wā Cup. Your purchase ensures your tampons or pads don’t add to our overflowing landfills (around 16 million disposables get dumped in Wellington annually – and that’s just Welly…for a year!). Instead, you have just one cup. Bloody legendary.

Mama flow can cost $100 – $300+ annually. With a Wā Cup, you’re paying just $1.50 a year (single cup $15 ÷ 10 year lifespan). $15 now and you’ll save yourself $hundreds$.

Body lovin’
Pads (or ‘surfboards’) are soggy and chaffe, and tampons (or ‘plugs’, lol) absorb your natural juiciness, drying you out, which is no good for your health.
Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll forget your Wā Cup is even there. It lets your body do its thing without interfering and it’s just medical grade silicone, so it’s safe as.

A menstrual cup lasts for up to 12 hours before you empty it, meaning no annoying extra loo runs throughout your busy day/all those niggly assignments hey! You’ll never run out either, as you just need to empty it instead of buying another supply! Hello long tramping trips and the great outdoors too!

Still need convincing? Here’s some Wā converts

They can hold more and be left in longer, which means I can now wake up without feeling like I’m wearing a wet diaper! I somehow feel ‘cleaner’ when I use it, and I will never again have to worry about forgetting to pack tampons when I leave the house.

It wasn’t noticeable when it was inside of me… And it didn’t have to be changed often! No awkward pad or tampon changes in the bathroom. It’s like no one knows you’re on your period.

Often in the past I have had to change through a [rugby] game or had to wear a pad as well as a tampon just to accommodate for those first couple days, but this amazing menstrual cup totally held up to its rep.
Wā is a sensational Collective who are empowering people who menstruate and are giving an empowering choice to people about the environment also!! If this is what the future looks like, then count me in!!


1 cup, 1 menstruator; sounds to good to be true? Na, we’ve got you, don’t mension it.

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