How Student Shipping Works

Wanting a Wā Cup and at one of our partnered Uni’s? Great!

To make Wā Cup as affordable and accessible as possible for you, we have partnered with your students’ association (what rad people!). We bulk send Wā Cups in 28 day cycles across the country to you so you can collect them right from where you are studying.

Getting a Wā Cup

  1. Buy
    Students Buy your Wā Cup from our website. You’ll then receive confirmation of order and payment.
  2. Ship
    In 28 day cycles throughout the semester, orders are bulk shipped out to your students’ association. You’ll receive an update telling you your Wā Cup is on its way!
  3. Receive
    You’ll receive notification that your Wā Cup has arrived on your campus. Pop down to your students’ association to pick it up before class and hey presto!