Periods in the national museum of New Zealand

March 09, 2019 0 Comments

Periods in the national museum of New Zealand

Our Founder, Olie Body's Period tee-shirt just got collected for Te Papa's national collection. The red tide is happening!

This shirt and what it stands for will live on forever and we couldn't be more chuffed about what this means for our purpose! 

You can check it out by going to a wander to Te Papa now! 

"My Nopesisters period t-shirt is permission. It's giving permission to talk about periods; a permission many people feel they don't have. If we don't have permission to talk about menstruation openly, frankly and like the natural, healthy process it is, then we are denying us all. That's because if we can't talk about something, then we can't begin to address any surrounding issues such as period poverty, period waste and uterine health. Menstruation itself is not an issue, but the way we deal with menstruation is. It's experienced by directly by half the population, all the while affecting us all and our environment. We all know someone who bleeds! 
"In 2017 I founded the social enterprise Wā Collective. We are sustainably tacking period poverty and period waste and the period taboo, period. In order to do that, we need permission to talk about periods, we need to oust that taboo. I launched this business in this shirt - with 'period' proudly across my chest. I have stood in front of thousands of people, both men and women in this tshirt, speaking openly about periods, catalysing tens of thousands of conversations nationwide about menstruation, our bodies and equity. This tshirt holds the progressive mana of those conversations had. 
"As of March 2019, through Wā Collective, we have prevented one million disposable menstrual products from entering landfill and saved menstruators $350,000 that they would otherwise be spending on disposables. 
"This shirt gives me permission; it gives us all permission. It's an honour to have it now as part of the national collection." 
Aroha nui, 
Olie xx 

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