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Thank you 2019! Here's our Highlights

December 30, 2019 0 Comments

Thank you 2019! Here's our Highlights

We hope your year has been full of everything it needed to be! We want to thank you for all you've helped us achieve in 2019 💜


Together, we have prevented
disposables from entering landfill and saved you
in total since our launch in 2018

We are humbled. 


Olie and Michelle Obama

...and guess what?
Olie met Michelle Obama
and she is in love with our Cherrings!

Here's a flowing list of our 2019 highlights 

🍒 The Important Stuff
● Our social and enviro Impact!!
●  Saved students $63,223.40 through our subsidised cup programme
●  Saved people $2733 with free cups you donated
● Five school workshops
●  Pitched to Michelle Obama (woo!)
●  Positive Periods Campaign to Govt
● Welcomed 7 new collaborators to the Wā Crew
● We made a giant menstrual cup
●  Welcomed 30 new retailers across Aotearoa
●  Launched six new products 

🍒 Recognition and Learning
● Edmund Hillary Fellowship
● Obama Foundation Asia Pacific Leaders Programme

● EY Entrepreneur of The Year Awards Finalist and Special Commendation
TEDx Talk complete! 
● 2019 NZ Impact Awards Finalist

🍒 And, most importantly... 
We loved receiving your messages and notes on how much your Wā Cup has changed your life. This humbles us so much 💜

We wish you the most glorious, restorative end to your 2019 and a nourishing 2020 full of growth and happy perioding! 
We are humbled by all we have together achieved and are so excited to bound into 2020 with you! 

the Wā Crew

Aroha nui, 

Meg, Olie, Janine, Suz, Jess  xx 🍒

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