We've Launched! <3

March 08, 2018 0 Comments

We've Launched! <3


We did it! 

It’s our launch and we have made it! We have made it. Welcome to our bloody exciting new website and the launch of our Bought to Support programme – stopping period poverty from affecting education in NZ. ..and making periods easier for all kiwis too!


I want to give you a little background as to how we got here, today, on International Women’s Day

Like anything, Wā Collective started with a small question. It was late 2016 and while mysteriously staring at a bowl of free condoms at uni, I wondered, hey, where’s the menstrual products? Why the lack of support for something that happens to half of us and affects all of us? All the while, unbenounced to me at the time, a third of my classmates were skipping class or had skipped class due to a lack of access to period solutions.

In our short three months of operations in 2017, we saved students $26,000 and prevented 72,000 menstrual products from going to our landfills. That’s huge. It makes all of us at Wā continue doing what we do and makes me all warm and fuzzy too.

Late 2017 then saw us launch our crowdfunding campaign to bring you the best cup on the international market.

Today, thanks to our amazing crowdfunding backers (you know who you are!) we are able to do just that. Hell yeah.


And here we are today, on a momentous day, launching a momentous movement

International Women’s Day marks a day both of celebration and of the strive for continued equality.  It is our honour to be launching today. It’s a celebration of the power of Wā Collective; of what we have achieved to date and of all that we can achieve together for our strive for equality and equity.
It means the world to have your support. Whether you already have your Wā Cup, are about to buy one, or simply take the time to have a talk about Wā Collective to your hairdresser, your accountant, or your friend (you don’t need a pair of ovaries for that ;) )  from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

I’d like to say a personal thank you to the entire Wā Crew and everyone who is part of the Wā support and advisory network. Utter champs, you are all rocks and have helped shape this movement into what it is. I owe a personal thank you to the incredible Dan Lewis for getting this website up and running in 30 hours flat tack. You bloody legend. Go have a beer. 

Jump on over and become part of the biggest, best and most powerful crimson wave out there. Ending period poverty, period waste and the bloody taboo, together.

From your exceptionally grateful,
Executive Menstruator,
Olie Body

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Your perfect size

Check your flow against our flowchart to find your perfect size.
Wā Cups are medium firmness and fold up to about the size of a tampon for insertion. 


60mm long, 42cm rim diameter,  25ml capacity

If you are worried about putting something inside you, are a teen, have petite anatomy, have a low cervix or a light flow, our mini will treat you right.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 42cm rim diameter, 30ml capacity

Haven’t had a baby vaginally, the mini doesn’t quite sound like you, or you don’t know your cervix height? Size one is your cup and it’s our most popular.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 46mm rim diameter, 40ml capacity

If you have given birth vaginally, or have a heavy flow, or feel you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, then this cup is perfect for you.

Recommended for over 30s

We recommend you flow over to our in-depth sizing to find your perfect size - it's really great