Natural Knickers - Period Undies by Reemi


Classic Brief - Reemi Period Undies

Soft . Comfy . Nice Natural Fibre!  ❤️

Use when you think your period is coming but you’re not sure, or pair with a Wā Cup if you have a heavier flow for a 100% leak proof and zero waste period. 

Reemi uses CottonX, a smart fibre, fusing 100% natural cotton with copper oxide to provide the ultimate in skincare and protection, meaning it’s soft on sensitive skin, and can even help reduce the risk of infections!  

  •  Leak-proof period underwear
  •  Absorbs up to 2 tampons worth of blood
  •  World first using an innovative self-disinfecting natural fibre
  •  Made from sustainable Lenzing Modal, smart fibre CottonX and PUL
  •  Machine washable
  •  Colour - Black

• Reemi is a New Zealand registered not-for-profit

• All proceeds go towards Reemi's work on menstrual innovation for garment workers  in Bangladesh

• Made in a compliant factory in China reguarly audited by SEDEX   

• No factory workers or fabric manufacturers Reemi work with use forced labour 


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