Wā Cup & Cup Cleaner (save $10)


Cups in Cups!

After a Wā Cup and a special way to clean it? 

Select your Wā Cup size and we'll pair it up with our glorious handmade clay Cup Cleaner for you to steep your Wā Cup in, to clean it between periods, so it's all shiny, ready for your next cycle. 

💜 Each Wā Cup comes in its own compostable, recyclable box, with friendly user guide and cotton bag ethically made in Fiji. 

Your Wā Cup cleaner will look after you and your Wā Cup.

Our handmade Cup Cleaners are great if bringing menstrual cups into the kitchen isn't an option for you, for honouring your personal tikanga (lore/protocol) or if the flatmates aren't as in love with your cup as you are.

💜 Each clay Cup Cleaner is unique, one of a kind and made with aroha
by Deb in sunny Te Tau Ihu - top of the South.

💜 This little friend is inspired by the natural earth around us,
mossy, watery and alive -
 light melting onto the soft colours of the whenua/land.


To clean your menstrual cup: 

- simply boil a kettle with wai (water)
- pour wai into your Cup Cleaner and pop your Wā Cup in
steep your cup for 3 minutes before and after each period

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