Wā Cup & Period Undies Combo

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Wā Cups and Reemi Undies Love Each Other!

For days when you want that extra feeling of backup, or to switch it up, this combo is for you.

Reemi Period Undies 

Soft . Comfy . Nice Natural Fibre❤️ New improved design that's higher, for that extra feeling of being supported, just when you need it.  In beautiful dark olive green, high waisted with sizing from size 4 to 18 (size 4 is mid-rise).

🌻 Leak-proof period underwear
🌻 Not Bulky - feels like normal underwear
Absorbs up to 2 tampons worth of blood
World first using an innovative self-disinfecting natural fibre 
Made from sustainable Lenzing Modal, smart fibre CottonX 
The first and only period underwear using a recycled leakproof PUL layer
Machine washable
Colour - Olive dark green

• Reemi is an Aotearoa NZ registered not-for-profit with all their proceeds going       to their charitable work, supporting menstruators in Bangladesh

• Made in Reemi's factory in PRC, regularly audited by SEDEX (ethical supply chain management)

• All fabric manufacturers & factory workers work out of choice and are paid fairly


Each product comes fully boxed with a friendly user guide. 
More info on Wā Cups here  , size guide here 

I love my Reemi's!
When my period is heavy, I pair them with my Wā Cup just for that extra feeling of safe. Then, at the end of my period when it's really light, I switch to these.
Love the high waist too - feels like a comfy hug" 

- Juilana 

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