Wā Cup

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Say Goodbye to Tampons & Pads for Good


Meet our ethically produced Wā Cup. 

It's medical-grade, FDA registered, plastic-free, silicone perfection.
Easy use design, this cup will last you up to 10 years. 

Your Wā menstrual cup comes with:  

🌻 Friendly, detailed user guide
🌻 Fijian made, cotton storage bag
🌻 Compostable, reusable NZ made box

Your purchase subsidises Wā Cups for people in need, creating period equity in NZ.  #StandingOvulationToThat


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Wā Menstrual Cups

We get it!
Making the switch to a Wā Cup can be a big step. It was for us too.
But now... there's no going back!



Good question. A Wā Cup is a small reusable medical grade silicone menstrual cup, which is worn internally. It collects your Ikura (period) rather than absorbing it. 
Wā Cups hold 2 - 4 times as much as a pad or tampon meaning most people can go all day without worrying about chasing toilets around. And even better, the Wā Cup lasts up to 10 years. Yes. Really.
Wā Cups are designed to do their thing, so you can get on with life and do YOUR thing! 



You know what? With a bit of practice, it's easy as. You've got this! 

💜 Steep your Wā Cup in boiling water before use each month to clean it
💜 Fold your Wā Cup small and insert. It sits lower than a tampon, so you can't feel it and can always reach it! 
💜 Nudge the side of the cup, so it pops open to collect your period 
💜 Remove by pinching the base of the cup to remove the seal, then guide cup out 
💜 Empty the Wā Cup, wipe with loo paper or rinse with water (if available) and repeat 

*Your Wā Cup comes with a really handy user guide - it's like having us in your pocket, only much less intrusive :) 


"Thank you so much for the cup, I love it so much!
It has really changed things for me, it'll really make things more affordable over time. It makes me so happy to support a business that is ethical, sustainable, gender-neutral and genuinely cares about making the world a better place" 

- Alex

"My Wā Cup has changed the relationship I have with my body.
I understand and appreciate it so much more "
- Tam 

Just want to say how fantastic I’ve found my Wā Cup.
It took me a while to have confidence in it, but it really came into its own when I did my bucket list marathon in May. I couldn’t believe my luck in getting my period just the day before the event, and super heavy too… would never have got through without stopping if I’d used tampons, but my Wā Cup saved the day, leak-free!
I’m hooked!
- Julie

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