2.4 million disposables diverted

Our Impact / what we do

Period with Purpose

  • Each Cup sold helps subsidise and donate cups to people in need across Aotearoa 
  • link to "who is my Wā Cup Helping

Each cup also has an individual impact on the planet and your wallet

Financial saving 

Not only is your cup saving you money, but each cup purchased subsidises or donates a cup for someone else.

Over 10 years you will save $91 each year (how do we work this out)

As of ____ we have saved menstruators $$_______ since our launch

Environmental impact 
  • 264 disposables per year (how we work out this number)
  • Impact over 10 yrs (cup lifecycle)
  • Save disposables from going to landfill
  • Silicone v plastic
  • Zero waste production all the way through to packaging
  • (link to “our ethical production”

As of ____ we have diverted _______disposable menstrual products from entering landfill since our launch.