• We are ending period poverty, period waste and the period taboo, Period.

Our Birth

  • We empower people through addressing inequity by giving people the tools to take control of their cycles And, frankly, we just make periods better too

How our social enterprise works

It's simple.
Every gold standard Wā menstrual cup sold subsidises one for a student in need,
keeping students in class and stopping period poverty from adversely affecting education in Aotearoa.

Social Mission Partners

We partner with students’ associations at universities to flow subsidised Wā Cups and period puns to students, right on campus. 

This also engages the whole insititutional community in the conversation, and brings them into the national conversation. 

And be warned, fellow ovary-haver’s and supporters, students’ associations are just the beginning. 

Gold Standard Cups

Wā Cups are different to the rest. We wanted to help our people and planet right through our production line, rather than help at home and turn a blinder on potential damage to people and environments along the way.

To this end, Wā cups are ethically crafted, zero waste produced with full material traecibility by our manufacturing partner in the USA. Nowhere else could match this. 
All our beautiful packaging is NZ sourced and designed, reusable and compostable. 

The flowing Conversation

We talk about menstruation with a flood of vigour!  By doing this, we are breaking down the bloody taboo. No more womb for it. 

For social change to occur, we've got to be able to talk about it. Take mental health, being anything other than heterosexual and premarital sex (heavens forbid!) as examples. 

Change comes with language, expression and voice. 

Our March 2018 interview with Te Karere

Play Me

You may notice our language

It’s not what you may expect.

You don’t have to identify as female in order to have a pair of ovaries.
Likewise, not all females menstruate.
For that reason, we steer clear of Wā Collective being gender based… it’s ovary based instead!
It also widens the conversation from just half, to all of us. Period. 


Nope. Half the planet menstruates. In fact, if it wasn’t for that, not even Auntie Agnes would be able to whisper away the subject, as she wouldn’t be born. We have found that the more we all talk about it, the more normalised periods become. Pete from our office can tell you all about that.

We prefer the term ‘menstrual product’ instead of ‘sanitary item’ for the same reason. The word ‘sanitary’ refers to conditions that affect hygiene and health. When we use ‘sanitary’ in conjunction with menstruation, we indirectly imply that individuals are dirty and unclean, which is why they need a ‘sanitary item’. ‘Sanitary items’ can also encompass items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc. When we use the term ‘menstrual product’ it is clear exactly what we are talking about. It also works at reclaiming the word menstruation from its negative connotations, helping to break the taboo further.

Our Impact

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Social tally

Impact updated monthly (of course!) 

Your perfect size

Check your flow against our flowchart to find your perfect size.
Wā Cups are medium firmness and fold up to about the size of a tampon for insertion. 


60mm long, 42cm rim diameter,  25ml capacity

If you are worried about putting something inside you, are a teen, have petite anatomy, have a low cervix or a light flow, our mini will treat you right.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 42cm rim diameter, 30ml capacity

Haven’t had a baby vaginally, the mini doesn’t quite sound like you, or you don’t know your cervix height? Size one is your cup and it’s our most popular.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 46mm rim diameter, 40ml capacity

If you have given birth vaginally, or have a heavy flow, or feel you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, then this cup is perfect for you.

Recommended for over 30s

We recommend you flow over to our in-depth sizing to find your perfect size - it's really great