Our ethical production


Wā Cup unboxing

We could have stopped at a Wā Cup being safer for your body, saving you a bunch of money and diverting thousands of disposables from landfill. But, nah, we can do even better mahi (work) than this.

We are for people and planet, right through our production line and are always seeking ways to do this even better. Otherwise, in our opinion, we'd be doing a shoddy job. No more 'business as usual' (read: degenerative, exploitative, extractive capitalism). 

Wā Cups are made by real humans who are valued... 

Workers are paid properly and the injection moulding used means Wā Cups are zero waste produced.  Ka pai (good stuff)! 

With full product traceability 

We’ve teamed up with our manufacturing partner in the USA to get 100% material traceability all the way through to the quartz silica from Massachusetts that our Wā Cups are made from. This bit is beyond important, because we all have a right to know exactly what we are putting in our bodies. 
Here's a link to our FDA registration too. More info on why this matters here.


We love local 

Our boxes and labels are NZ made
and designed from recycled materials wherever possible. You can reuse them or compost them too. 



With bags from our Pacific cousins

We've teamed up with Nagsun Apparel in Fiji, to support our cuzzies in the Pacific in the uncertain Covid times we are in. Bags are manufactured with love, under fair trade conditions and fair labour. 

Sustainable through to the womb

Our Wā Wheaties? Joyce grew your organic wheat, Jenny grew your organic lavender, Jess designed and printed your fabric and Janine sewed it all up with aroha (love). Nice. Learn more here

Sent to you with aroha 

Janine packs your cup with aroha (love)
sending them to you from our Wā "Womb Room" in
Abel Tasman on the family farm.



Plastic Free 

Postage packaging is plastic free,
compostable and reusable. 
No plastic postage bags here thank you! 




Preloved materials 

All our wholesale orders are posted
in preloved, recycled materials.
We use the backs of our postage labels
in replacement of bubble wrap
or any other nasties. 



We love Marion and Kath 

These two from Logan Sisters Ltd.
pick your Wā Cup orders up at 6am
every weekday and send them
on route to your fantastic self. 

We are going circular

After its 10 years, or once your Wā Cup up has served you and loved you,  send it right back to us at Wā HQ. Product stewardship shouldn't have to be on you - we believe it should be business (and govt.) led, across the board.

Silicone cannot be fully reprocessed but can be repurposed into stuff like sports turf and floor underlay (fun hey!). We are in the process of setting this up, so, you can tell Joe that he's gonna love his rugby training even more thanks to the life-giving assistance of periods. 

Contact us at: crew@wacollective.org.nz for our returns address. 

You can watch our founder's TEDx Talk for more information on why we chose to manufacture out of silicon rather than plastic or latex.