Sunflowers of Connection

Sunflowers menstrual cups


We are so excited to share this with you!

Each purchase for the next 28 day cycle (Jan 28 - Feb 25th) comes with free sunflower seeds and an intention setting guide for the cycle of the plant's life. 

This gift is inclusive of all purchases, not just Wā Cups. 
Perfect for indoor or outdoor growing these flowers grow to just 40cm high.  

Ummm.. why are we doing this? 

Good question! 

🌻 Sunflowers can bring joy! ..And joy can be in short supply right now

🌻 Plants allow for connection with nature and ourselves

Wait, hear us out.... 

We feel that one of the strongest reasons humanity is at where it's at (ala climate change, biodiversity loss, social and political issues...)  is due to our relationships - how disconnected the dominant culture encourages us to be from our minds, wairua / spirit , bodies , community and nature. 


Wā Collective menstrual cup flower

What if we were more connected? What if we connected to our deepest selves, our bodies, and the environment around us more? What if we deeply listened? What more would we learn?  How would we grow?  

These small seeds can flourish into bright delightful sunflowers, live in harmony with nature, then gift themselves to the soil for the next cycle of life. 
...there’s something sacred here we can connect to. 


So, this is our small offering. An opportunity to nourish a delightful flowering plant, and in turn, to perhaps be nourished by it and the cycles of nature. 

If you feel inclined... this may be an opportunity to gift your waiwhero/period to these plants if you desire. 

Click this link for more information on "How To Gift Your Period Back to the Whenua / Land if you are intrigued... 


With love, 
the Wā Crew 


Photography by Elise Creative