The Body Shop X Wā Collective

Oh yes, it is time to ovaryact. Something bloody good is here

The Body Shop and Wā Collective have synced up to get ethically made Wā menstrual cups to people who need them.



Here’s why this kaupapa matters
Right now, 800 million people around the world are menstruating. So why are many of us squeamish about the subject? Roughly half the world shares this experience – periods are normal. Somewhere along the line, many of us experienced feelings of embarrassment and shame. ...Thank you colonisation, capitalism and the patriarchy. It’s time for this stigma to bloody-well go. We deserve to understand and love our own bodies.

Our people can’t afford how we manage periods
Up to one in three menstruating students in Aotearoa have skipped class due to not having access to menstrual products. Many ovary bearers are unable to participate in life and work properly and we’ve become so disconnected to our own bodies that having a period has become a pharmaceutical process, rather than something sacred that connects us to our whakapapa (genealogy) and the Papatūānuku (Mother Earth).

Our planet can’t afford how we manage periods
Each year, Kiwis use enough menstrual products that if you lined them end to end, they would wrap the entire circumference of the globe.
It’s not the period that’s the problem, it’s how we are managing them.

Sure, sometimes periods hurt. Sometimes they make us feel rubbish. But that shouldn’t stop us talking about them. In fact, periods are sacred and there are reasons that we should.

How you can support us:

❤️  Donate at any of The Body Shop stores nationwide or make your pledge here

❤️  Speak up! Let’s spark open, honest conversations about periods

❤️  Buy our earth and people loving goods and use BODYSHOP for free shipping

Where is my donation going?

Every Wā Cup sold subsidises one for someone else in NZ. Tino Pai! Awesome! On top of this, donations from this campaign will provide free Wā Cups to students and families throughout Aotearoa. All Wā Cups are distributed with education.

Here’s where your donation goes, with many more places to be announced:

Tolaga Bay Area School Ngata College
TKKM o te Waiū o Ngati Porou
Te waha o Rerekohu
Kawakawa mai Tawhiti
Havelock High School
Newlands College

Wellington Women’s Health Collective - Wāhine Ora Te Waimāpihi
Home and Family Christchurch
Palmerston North Womens’ Health Collective - Te Hā o Hine-ahu-one

Have or are part of a school or community group that could benefit from this campaign? Flow us an email and we will be in touch. We are growing our impact with you all, for you all.


Thank you so much for donating more Wā cups to us. I wish you could see the astonishment and gratitude we witness each time a person walks away with one.

Genevieve and Robyn - Wellington Women’s Health Collective