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. Who is my Wā Cup Helping?

Good question. In fact, that question is why we started.  

Each cup we sell subsidises one for those of us who need them the most. Our subsidy partners deliver Wā Cups with education, ensuring they are going right where they are needed, and wanted.  

We’ve partnered with student associations across Aotearoa, subsidising Wā Cups for university students. They may seem like a privaliged lot, but we found out that 1 in 3 had skipped class at some point due to not having access to menstrual products. 1 in 2 had blocked their periods for financial reasons. Many spent less on food in order to afford menstrual products.

" no one should miss out just because they were born with a mighty pair of ovaries" 

University student in need of a subsidised cup? Flow this way

We also partner with schools across the motu  
(country), enabling thousands more students access to subsidised Wā Cups. We can either set you up so students order online off our website, or do a bulk order for students who are in need at your school. (this should not all be bold)

With your help, we also donate cups to our impact partners across Aotearoa.

Click here to donate and learn more **Link to “donate a cup”

Health Collectives we Support with Free Donated Wā Cups

High quality menstrual cups are only part of the solution. In late 2019 we co-presented a petition to the NZ Government, with other friends in our sector, asking for a step-wise, holistic, sustainable, government lead approach to period poverty and menstrual education. 

Parliament petition Wā Collective and collaborators for ending period poverty
Above: Olie of Wā Collective with Dignity, Nest Consulting, The Period Place presenting our petition to Members of Parliament 

Do you know of a community group that could benefit from us? Please sync up with 
crew@wacollective.org.nz and we’ll see how we can flow your way. 
Your perfect size

Check your flow against our flowchart to find your perfect size.
Wā Cups are medium firmness and fold up to about the size of a tampon for insertion. 


60mm long, 42cm rim diameter,  25ml capacity

If you are worried about putting something inside you, are a teen, have petite anatomy, have a low cervix or a light flow, our mini will treat you right.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 42cm rim diameter, 30ml capacity

Haven’t had a baby vaginally, the mini doesn’t quite sound like you, or you don’t know your cervix height? Size one is your cup and it’s our most popular.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 46mm rim diameter, 40ml capacity

If you have given birth vaginally, or have a heavy flow, or feel you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, then this cup is perfect for you.

Recommended for over 30s

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