• time to pop your cherry

    ...earrings into your earlobes 

    pop mine

It's cherry season!

And we are taking the party to your face
with our limited edition handmade cherry earrings

cherry bomb

Handmade by the Wā Crew, each pair sold
let's you catalyse the period conversation
and helps us subsidise Wā Cups for ovulators in need  
be a #CherryBomb 

The power is in your ovaries

Ripe for the picking with free shipping

We chose cherries because, like all fruit, they are ripened ovaries (amazing!)
Make like Tom & Cherry and get that ovulating glow on with your own pair this season

Hannah made your earrings

It's not just our Wā Cups that have full tracibility
You can trace these beauties right back to Hannah in Te Aro, Wellington,
each pair handmade with love over a glass of red 🍷(of course)

They are the cherry best cherry earrings

Cherry Earrings

Yas! Please let me know when this is back! 

Pop your cherry with us. 

Each pair sold let's you start a conversation all while making you look bloody amazing. These plump beauties also help us subsidise Wā Cups 
for ovulators in need. 

🍒 Gold plated nickel free hooks
🍒 Gold plated wire
🍒 Super lightweight (3.5g each- same as a hair clip) 

FREE SHIPPING FOR JUNE - while stocks last 

Be a #CherryBomb & #breakthetaboo
Do you need an excuse? 

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