Cherry Earrings

Product back soon!

The Final Bunch!

Big, bold and boisterous, there is nothing subtle about these cherries!

These are slightly different to the original ones - while these aren’t ‘export quality’, they are a bit of fun! A few may have the odd imperfection, but still a knockout and too good to send to the juice machine.

Too bold for you? Not too bold for your Christmas tree as a seasonally appropriate upcycled decoration eh? 

Each pair comes with a cotton Wā Bag to stash your cherry goodness in!

*Bags and cherries may have the odd imperfection, but we’ll do our best to find you a good pair.

The good:

Each pair let's you start a conversation, all while making you (or your tree) look bloody amazing, and also helps us subsidise Wā Cups for ovulators who need them. 

🍒 Gold plated nickel free hooks
🍒 Gold plated wire
🍒 Super lightweight (3.5g each- same as a hair clip) 


The not so good:

It goes without saying that these aren’t sustainable (we have refined our values since we started Wā Collective) but the cherries are here, and it’s better they are enjoyed, rather hidden out of sight! These turned up in our storeroom as we’ve been packing down.

Be a #CherryBomb & #breakthetaboo
Do you need an excuse? 


"It's time to talk about periods.
Period poverty is real and so is the fact that tampons and pads are damaging our bodies and land.
I know it's not always easy to talk about periods,
but let these fruity ovaries be your key to starting that conversation.
It's a bloody important one."  

- Olie Body, Wā Collective founder


We originally chose cherries because, like all fruit, they are ripened ovaries (amazing!)
Make like Tom & Cherry and get that ovulating glow on with your own pair this season.

Olie, Janine