Handmade Tea Cup & Strainer set


The perfect gift for your fellow Earthy tea lover! 

We didn't think that the average tea strainer was cutting the mustard. 

These do! But, moreover, they hold and strain tea beautifully! 
Made in sunny Abel Tasman by local potter, writer and artist Melanie Drewery, especially for Wā Collective .... and you! 

Each cup, strainer and spoon is unique, one of a kind. 
Some fine tea leaves may slip through the strainer. This is normal and it will settle to the bottom of the tea cup. 

How to use: 

🍵 Dive the spoon into your stash of tea and pop some in the strainer 
🍵 Place spoon into the holes of the strainer and suspend it over the cup 
🍵 Pour in boiling water and let tea sit for 3 - 5 mins  
🍵 Enjoy your bloody good brew! 

Top Tip: 
Always hold the spoon at the handle end when the strainer is linked to it, so that the strainer doesn't fall off.
Dishwasher safe #CupYeah! 

Melanie making clay beauties for you, with love