Wā Cup Cleaner


Out of the kiln and ready to order!

This special little clay friend will look after you and your Wā Cup.

Each Cup Cleaner is unique, one of a kind and made with aroha by Deb. 

   .  Ata Mārie - Colours of the morning sky: satin greens with hints of dusty pink (double photo top left pot)

   .  Pō Mārie - The moods of dusk: soft grey blue hues (double photo bottom right pot)

To clean your menstrual cup:

- simply boil a kettle with wai (water)
- pour wai into your Cup Cleaner and pop your Wā Cup in
steep your cup for 3 minutes before and after each period

This Cup Cleaner is great if bringing menstrual cups into the kitchen isn't an option for you or if the flatmates aren't as in love with your cup as you are.

*We only have a few of these beauties as we do small rounds and change designs up. So, if you love this, lock it in now :)