Wā Cup Two Pack - save $10


Get in Sync!

When one just isn't enough. Or, for when you team up with your fine flowing friend to experience better perioding together.

Choose your sizes below and you will be fit for cervix. 

Each Wā Cup comes with: 
🌻 Our friendly user guide
🌻 Fijian made, cotton storage bag
🌻 Locally made reusable, compostable box 

Your purchase subsidises Wā Cups for people in need, creating period equity in NZ.  #StandingOvulationToThat

*Wā Cup Two Pack contains CLEAR Wā Cups. If you want INDIGO for either or both size, please specify in the 'note' section at checkout. 

Afterpay available

Size Flow Chart

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“I had to use a tampon the other day as I forgot my Wā Cup.
Bloody hell. Never again!”
- Sophie

I love my Wā Cup, wouldn’t ever go back.
I don’t notice it at all when it has been inserted. It allows me so much more flexibility.
I run, swim and sleep without worrying about leaking and it’s far more comfortable than a pad or tampon. It also feels cleaner. 
It’s completely revolutionised my period - I recommend it to everyone!
- Nik