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Cup Yeah! Over the next year, collectively we have saved tertiary students a whopping $26,000 and prevented 72,000 disposable menstrual products from going to landfill.

Bloody great team. We’ll be back in 2018 with our Bought to Support Programme. Every Wā Cup sold subsidises a cup for a student down to just $15. Now that’s some sick power.

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The best cup

We love our new cups. Not only do they have bloody great design, they are the best on the market. They are ethical, zero waste in production and have complete supply chain transparency. They are dye free, FDA and ISO accredited, 100% medical grade silicone perfection. This cup is the real deal.


Mini: 60mm long, 42cm rim diameter,  25ml capacity

If you are worried about putting something inside you, have a low cervix or a light flow, our Mini will treat you right.
Recommended for under 30s

Size One: 70mm long, 42cm rim diameter, 30ml capacity

Haven’t had a baby vaginally, the mini doesn’t quite sound like you, or you don’t know your cervix height? Size one is your cup.
Recommended for under 30s

Size Two: 70mm long, 46mm rim diameter, 40ml capacity

If you have given birth, or have a heavy flow, or feel you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, then this cup is perfect for you.
Recommended for over 30s

Material 100% medical grade transparent silicone
Style White-transparent, seamless, soft to medium firmness in body, medium firm rim
Life expectancy Up to 10 years if treated correctly (i.e don’t shove your Wā Cup in the dishwasher for cleaning!)
You will also get Your cup also comes with a cotton Wā Collective bag for storage, our user guide and love
Shipping Shipping begins again, 2018!


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