It's bloody great

Once you have your perfect sized Wā Cup,
you can run, swim, sleep & lie on the couch 
and eat chocolate with it
Your cup won't 'stretch' you, or leak
You can't feel it
It's designed to be the best

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Why your best friend just switched

  • We've prevented 1 million disposables
    from going to landfill this year

    saving people $350,000
    (making perioding easier too!)

Your perfect size

Check your flow against our flowchart to find your perfect size.
Wā Cups are medium firmness and fold up to about the size of a tampon for insertion. 


60mm long, 42cm rim diameter,  25ml capacity

If you are worried about putting something inside you, are a teen, have petite anatomy, have a low cervix or a light flow, our mini will treat you right.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 42cm rim diameter, 30ml capacity

Haven’t had a baby vaginally, the mini doesn’t quite sound like you, or you don’t know your cervix height? Size one is your cup and it’s our most popular.

Recommended for under 30s

70mm long, 46mm rim diameter, 40ml capacity

If you have given birth vaginally, or have a heavy flow, or feel you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, then this cup is perfect for you.

Recommended for over 30s

We recommend you flow over to our in-depth sizing to find your perfect size - it's really great

Our Cherrings are baaaack!

Until they sell out - limited time only for a bit of June colour! 🍒