it's time to do periods better

Nau mai  -  welcome!

Wā Cups help you, our community and the planet

Say goodbye to pads and tampons for good

Wā Cup

A reusable, easy, plastic free way to never need a tampon or pad again

Yeah, really. 

Your silky smooth medical grade silicone
menstrual cup
that ticks all the boxes

For People and Planet

Because that's what really matters.

Each ethically made Wā Cup sold subsidises one for someone in need in Aotearoa - preventing period poverty while helping out Papaūānuku, Mother Earth. 

We listen before we act, and act from our hearts. 

Since 2017, this Kiwi social enterprise
continues to do do big things

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our impact

since our launch, we have diverted 


disposable menstrual products from entering landfill.

Saving menstruators 


otherwise spent on pads and tampons.

Importantly, we've delivered thousands of subsidised cups
with education to people who need them


What does Wā mean?

Wā means 'time, season or period' in te reo Māori
We are here for your season of life and our earth's season too. 
Loyal Ovulator, join us! 

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